The way you register with a recruitment agency may have changed since the pandemic. But one thing sure hasn’t – don’t send us your CV in the first instance. Just pick up the phone and call us! Registering with Wote Street People is easy.

But before you do that… there is some prep you need to do yourself.  You spend much of your life at work, so understanding what you’re really looking for and what’s a deal breaker is sensible.

Use these top give tips to give you a head start when it comes to registering with a recruitment agency.

1. Before you call a recruitment agency have an idea of your non-negotiables

These may include, but not limited to:

  • Money
  • Location
  • Style of working (e.g. flexible/ home/office/hybrid)
  • Position
  • Size of company
  • Work-life balance
  • Career progression

Being honest with us is the best policy. Don’t say you’ll do anything if you won’t.  Don’t say something doesn’t matter if it does.  Not letting us know what’s important to you means that we could spend precious time seeking job opportunities that really don’t reflect what you’re after and most importantly miss ones that could really hit the mark.

2. Two options for registering: call us or go straight to our online portal

1) Pick up the phone between 9-4.30pm   Monday-Friday and call us. Please do leave a message if we can’t pick up the phone and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

During this initial conversation you’ll usually speak with Maxine.  It will be a short call and she’ll ask you some very simple questions – but be prepared to answer:

  • What job are you looking for?
  • When are you looking to start a new job?
  • Why are you looking for a new job?

The reason Maxine will ask you these questions is so we understand your needs and urgency as well as which one of our recruitment consultants you’ll be best matched to.

Maxine will then signpost you to our registration portal or signpost you to other agencies who may be better placed to help you.

2) Or go straight to our website and register online BUT make sure you fill in the Candidate profile with your wish list – what you want, don’t want etc so we can best understand your requirements.

Once you’ve registered online your name will appear as a new registration on our dashboard.  The consultants will have a quick discussion about who and how we can best help you and that’s when we can start promoting you to suitable companies looking to fill jobs.

3. You’ll be assigned a Wote Street People recruitment consultant

Each consultant works with different clients and has different ways of working.  You may deal with one or all of them – our intention is to give you a choice of roles that benefit you the most.

Find out more about our recruitment consultants here   – if there’s one that particularly stands out, let Maxine know. We’re all about matching the right people.

At this stage, we can be more flexible in terms of when we can talk with you during the week. Many of the team are happy to take calls early morning or evening to fit in with your work commitments which makes it so much easier when looking for a job that you’re not constricted to normal working hours. We all work remotely so we are not we are not necessarily tied to office hours, and meetings between you and your consultant will usually take place online.

4. Contact your recruitment consultant every two weeks

Remember we deal with hundreds of candidates and it’s just not possible to contact everybody all the time. So, if you’re serious about finding the right job call your consultant every couple of weeks to see what’s new.

When you register with Wote Street People you also gain access to the TEAM Network. It’s a big membership of recruitment consultancies across the UK who work together to help match candidates like you with the right jobs.  This is very helpful if for example you work in a specialist field or you’re looking to relocate to the Basingstoke area – or even away.   Keeping in touch with us ensures we’ll be catching up with our TEAM mates about you too – widening the job opportunities even further.

Want to register with a recruitment agency?

Wote Street People is home to a friendly bunch of experienced recruitment consultants with strong relationships with companies in Basingstoke and beyond.  We’re dedicated to making the job seeking process work for you – finding the right role at the right company.

Call us today on 01256 236 997 to register with our recruitment agency – get the job you want. 

Read our case study section to see how we supported two candidates in their job search. We hope to achieve the same results for you!